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50 Something – Make the Middle Age Relevant Again

This article originally appeared on Linkedin

Noted that Nick Jaspan recently ran a Roundtable on 50 something, but from a consumer angle (sorry Nick only read the headline).

I’ve been toying with a hypothesis lately and think it’s time I share it.

I’m 51. Some of my batch mates (Royal College, Colombo 87 Group) are already thinking of retirement and some may have already retired. I am planning to work until my death (hopefully hit 100 like my grand father), and of course, I hope to spend fewer hours on work than now when I am older.

Unlike me (and the likes), most had led a 9 to 5 work-life, got kids out of the way (hopefully earning their living), have significant savings and assets.

What if we could show them how to become tech entrepreneurs? They have awesome experience only 20 something school dropouts can dream of. Yes, they have led risk-averse lifestyles. Startups are the opposite of what they know. But 50 also means the ability to take some measured risk. Have some fun running a company. Getting it wrong, re-learning and creating something really useful. I think there is a massive untapped 50+ something entrepreneur potential just waiting to be unlocked.

What do you think? Am I nuts as usual?

Future isn’t all about the youngsters! Make us, the middle age, relevant again!

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