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Gaining 10,000 views on Linkedin in 4 days

Once I managed to gain over 200,000 views over a 4 week period. Since then I have not achieved anything of such significance. The above simple post started to gain traction on the first day. So I spent a bit more effort to see whether I can drive it to reach 10,000 views. It took me 4 days, but gladly to see that it is not impossible to achieve such. Steps I took: Responded to comments.Spoke to others about it.When around 5,000 views, wrote an extensive post and linked back.Spoke to more.

50 Something – Make the Middle Age Relevant Again

This article originally appeared on Linkedin Noted that Nick Jaspan recently ran a Roundtable on 50 something, but from a consumer angle (sorry Nick only read the headline). I’ve been toying with a hypothesis lately and think it’s time I share it. I’m 51. Some of my batch mates (Royal College, Colombo 87 Group) are already thinking of retirement and some may have already retired. I am planning to work until my death (hopefully hit 100 like my grand father), and of course, I hope to spend fewer hours on work than now when I am older. Unlike me (and the likes),…

Linkedin Post Views Mystery

When does the Linkedin Post Views counter reset? Is this based on the age of the post or relying on some other bizarre algorithm? I just looked at my last six months. Some seem to have retained the count whereas others have reset. Once I had a post with over 200k views in 4 weeks. Never managed to find a repeat formula. The best I’ve done recently is with 6k views on a post. Here are my most viewed three posts over the last six months: 6019 – Liverpool – Manchester tech ecosystem – Looking for 2 more…