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Day: February 27, 2008

Influencers – Rhys Jones and Simon Grice

Currently, I am inspired by two individuals: Rhys Jones of Accountis, sanoodi and edocr I like his concept of having a pipeline of companies. His sweet spot is in setting up and nurturing a startup to revenue generation. He acknowledges that others are better experienced to turn these startups in to high growth companies. He has so far exited from two companies successfully. With number of other startups under his belt, his game now is to accelerate this process. Whilst I cannot demonstrate the same level of success, I have now setup three complementary businesses; edocr (document interactivity platform), eveo…

Setting up a company is dead easy!

It has become very easy to setup a legal entity, and I thought of sharing some of the activities you need to undertake if you are thinking of starting a business. Here goes: Decide on company name. Check companies house to ensure the availability of the company name. Make sure the URL is available. Register the company – I used Company4less, which costs £20 Register the URL – I used 123reg Register for VAT – takes about a month Open bank account – takes an hour with HSBC – it helps if they know you Find an accountant – this…

Birth of evigon Ltd

I created evigon with two thoughts in mind, these being: Provide a vehicle for my advisory and consultancy activities Allow other services to be provided through a flexible entity It is very early days to write too much about evigon, but I hope I will have some news to share shortly. Until then…   Technorati Tags: evigon

ebdex is dead!

ebdex was formed on 25th Nov 2004 with the idea of disrupting the EIPP market dominated by Accountis and OB10. To be fair, OB10 and Accountis had very low market penetration then (and same is true now). But they were the best examples an ambitious startup could look upon. Causeway’s Tradex and Burns e-Commerce’s Bex were ignored due to various reasons. Number of other models were studied including Ariba, Xign, Harbour Payments, Esker, etc. At the time, the idea was to develop a product that harnessed the best of Accountis and OB10. The key ingredient taken from OB10 was the…