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UnifiedVU Progress Update

Just a quick update on progress of my latest tech startup, UnifiedVU (this is more of a note to myself than anything else):

The Pre-Start:
2014 Nov – Idea agreed with Phil Brown and left Causeway/Livestax
2014 Dec – Company incorporated

keep calm and check progress

2015 Jan – Approached by Accusoft to acquire edocr. Focus shift to edocr
2015 Mar – Deal done. Only team member seconded to edocr/Accusoft. Development comes to a stop immediately


2015 July – re-grouped and extend the team to 3
2015 Q4 – Customer development, both SMBs and enterprise, whilst product development is progressing.
2016 Jan – Pull out from enterprise sales to focus 100% on SMBs. Trying to work out problem/solution fit
2016 Apr – On-boarded first customer – focus Single Customer View
2016 Jun – With a customer’s help, created Cash and Revenue Blocker Analysis use case incorporating debtor analysis, customer support ticketing and sales deal flow. Gives an opportunity to work with Xero Accountants.
2016 Jul – Starts on distribution partner programme
2017 Aug – Starts on Developer partner programme, initially limited to software vendors (aka ISVs)



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