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Author: ManojRanaweera

Founder & CEO of UnifiedVU

Testing edocr WordPress Plugin

Let’s see how this renders by simply adding the edocr Document URL, which then uses #oEmbed – same plugin displays the document thumbnails on the right hand side bar Above was not good. Let’s try again… Ok, it seems the URL has to be on its own. Need to fix the width. This may be due to edocr oEmbed releasing fixed width 658px

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oEmbed here we come, thanks to iFramely

This is a quick test to demonstrate the capability of oEmbed via iframely. Thanks to this integration, you can just add a URL of a document which will render the document from But first you need to install Iframely Responsive Embeds plugin from here. It looks like we still have some works to do in terms of height and the width of the embed.

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My first exit (asset sale) – Northern Tech Awards

This post should have been written on 1st August 2013 when I sold Northern Tech Awards to GP Bullhound, a boutique investment bank, as I was emotionally fired up on that great scorching day in Manchester. Since 2004, I founded few businesses, some have gone horribly wrong and others have thrived. Northern Tech Awards was not a business, but a key asset that emerged from Techcelerate. It was setup as the highlight of the year, when I used to run over 20 events a year, and our strong community of 2,300 tech entrepreneurs, senior managers of tech companies, investors, deal makers…

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Are you an awesome UI/UX Visual Designer?

Livestax, when launched will blow your mind! It is an amazing product created by Phil Brown and Ross Alderson, and a team of highly talented software engineers over a period of 2 years. We now need to give Livestax a soul, and that’s where you come in, if you are a highly talented UI/UX visual designer, who’s prepared to break existing design boundaries, and create a paradigm shift in design innovation for SaaS web applications. You are the missing piece in our talented team. Livestax is a SaaS framework. Imagine it as a canvas, where the canvas is filled with…

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Introducing my latest gig – LiveStax

I have been itching to share my involvement with Livestax, and this seems to be the best forum to announce it. I was brought in by Phil Brown, the founder and CEO of UK’s leader in software for the construction industry to help commercialise Livestax, a new product incubated as a startup inside a mature tech company. Livestax addresses number of pain points, among them, helping to increase productivity by unifying software you use everyday. Instead of having to jump from one software application to another to extract vital information, you will now be able to see everything on one…

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It’s all about the survival of the founding team

All startups start with an idea. Usually, the idea comes from one individual, who has a problem that existing products cannot solve efficiently. In some cases, the “efficiency” is linked to “how you feel about” the existing solutions, e.g. higher price, cumbersome usability, outdated design, limited functionality, etc. What ever the reason, you decide to do something about it. You speak to few close friends and their friends, and eventually find few who might want to join you to build a product and create a tech startup in the process. Unless you have founded a company before, or have worked…

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Refining Intercom – the automated user messaging

Just been playing with Intercom once again and thought of sharing the latest refinements. At edocr, when you sign up, you get a free quota of 5 documents. As you upload documents one by one, we have the opportunity to display an automated message through Intercom. This is our latest configuration: After sign up, a message to determine the type of user and their primary usage After first document is uploaded, point to edocr Buffer app After second document is uploaded, point to support channels After third document is uploaded, point to edocr Apps After fourth document is uploaded, suggest…

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Building thought leadership via Quora

We saw over the last few years how Mark Suster and Fred Wilson became investor celebrities by blogging consistently on startup topics. They have both build a large follower base, and industry wide respect due to openly sharing the knowledge they have. There is nothing more important than consistency of sticking to one core subject and blogging at regular intervals (one or few times a week) more important than anything else. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to know something about the subject matter. However, you do not need to be an authority when you start, but you will surely…

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How or where can I learn more about how lead generation works?

Answer by Manoj Ranaweera: Happy to explain how lead generation works with our product/service. We allow companies of all sizes to publish documents on edocr | edocr. In 2012, we grew by 250% adding over 50,000 user accounts to the 20,000 we had at the beginning of the year. Our process: 1. Upload all your document inventory.2. These will then be displayed fully categorised on company pages, e.g.…3. Before uploading, activate Buffer Buffer your documents for increased productivity for automatic posting to Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook4. Your prospects and customers will discover you through your documents via search engines,…

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What are the latest lead generation startups worldwide?

Answer by Manoj Ranaweera: Not sure we qualify for the latest, as the company was founded in 2007. After many years of founder and software development issues, we regrouped in mid 2011, which resulted in 250% growth in 2012. We generate leads from documents, and allow easy way to export leads in real-time automatically to CRM, email marketing and marketing automation web apps, for lead nurturing. View Answer on Quora

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