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Tiyga – 3rd User Group Event

Having introduced Tiyga on my blog few days ago, I am privileged to report that I have been invited to attend the 3rd User Group Event planned on 2nd August 06 by Tiyga! Katrina has achieved significant publicity since featuring on The Daily Telegraph‘s Trailblazers event and featuring on Orange. 1 month free trial has been offered to all Orange subscribers. I also understand that other mobile operators are also interested in partnering with Katrina.

Tiyga is based on a simple concept. Yet the solution when correctly installed and used, gives unparallel visibility to how one spends his or her time. The solution is available on following smart phones (for Orange Subscribers):

  1. Orange SPV: M500, M600, M1500, M2000, M5000
  2. Sony Ericsson: P900, P910i

My phone, O2 XDA Mini S has been uploaded with Tiyga for number of months. It had couple of glitches which prevented me from using Tiyga and Katrina has promised to send her key man to sort it out before the User Group Event! That’s what I call service!

I look forward to becoming a keen user of Tiyga in coming months.

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