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Introducing Affno Martini

Finally, I had the chance to taste Affno Martini whilst in Sri Lanka in July 06 thanks to Vijith Kannangara, co-creator of the drink, and chairman of Affno, Q&E and Smartmedia. I am not a cocktail drinker, but I like the look and taste of it. According to Vijith, the idea came after having couple of drinks – nothing unusual in there! The original recipe is as follows (extracted from Affno’s web site):

The Affno creative spirit extends beyond our desks and computer screens. When we aren’t developing software you can be certain that our minds are still on overdrive on some other fascinating project. The Affno Martini was the result of one of these non-work related brainstorming sessions – and we feel it is too good to be kept a company secret. The cocktail combines our corporate colours (yellow and blue) and a sugar coated almond denotes our logo.

Shake – don’t stir – and enjoy.

  • 1 shot Bols Blue Curacao
  • 1 shot DCSL White Arrack (Lemon flavoured)
  • ½ shot Cointreau
  • Juice of ¼ Lime

Frost the rim of a Martini glass with yellow coloured sugar and place a white sugar coated almond in it. Shake ingredients well with ice and strain into glass.

Vijith, how about creating a Martini for ebdex? We will talk about this during my next trip!

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