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Niall Kennedy is leaving Microsoft – Birth of another Start-Up!

Dennis Howlett reported that Niall Kennedy is leaving Microsoft to start-up his own business, after joining Microsoft in April 2006. It is the first time I came across the existence of Niall and I like to address two points (you need to read his blog to understand why he is leaving Microsoft):

  1. Whilst companies allow certain freedom to promote innovative ideas it’s employees have, in most cases the level of freedom is controlled by organisation’s own corporate strategy and policies. Wrongly, many organisations take a short-term view specially if it has to deal with drop in share price, revenues and/or profitability. This means that those with innovative ideas and vision may not be allowed to flourish and generate sustainable future earnings for the company. As a CEO, your overall task is to manage the expectations of your stakeholders. This becomes unmanageable when the company is a giant, like the case of Microsoft. So the disgruntled employees, especially those with innovative ideas have two options, either shut-up and get on or leave the organisation to explore those ideas elsewhere.
  2. We need individuals like Niall to bring innovative solutions to the market. The deep believers of their own innovative concepts risk by starting up their own businesses. They are free to innovate but there are significant risks in terms of going your own way.

This is my 20th month since I started ebdex.  Few points for consideration for those who are thinking of starting a business:

  1. Try not starting on your own. The burden is too much to bear at times. Find one or two partners and share the risks and rewards!
  2. Have enough money. Bootstrapping is part of the game. But you need to be realistic. Otherwise it will slow you down.
  3. If you need VC, angel money, grants or other, get competent person(s) to take the responsibility of raising the money. Otherwise you will not have any time to realise your (now yours and your partners) dream

Having said above, good luck to Niall and others who are taking these brave steps!

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