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Bid for Kiko – Web 2.0 company on eBay! Prices starting at $49,999

Kiko, a Web 2.0 company is on sale at eBay, bid pricing starting at $49,999 with no sign of any bidding activity yet. Following is an extract from eBay:

Kiko is a fully function AJAX calendar website. Kiko has an easy to use drag-and-drop interface, natural language appointment input, and localization support. This auction is for the domain name, our web hosting account, and all the intellectual property associated with Kiko, including copyrights to all the code. We are selling Kiko because we want to have time to work on other projects as a development team. We had a project in mind we just didn’t want to wait on 🙂 Kiko uses Ruby on Rails on top of a postgresql database. It can easily be customized to suit your calendar needs, whether you want to package it with CMS or email software, or continue to operate the site yourself. For an additional $1500 to cover travel expenses, our development team will fly out to the winner of this auction (anywhere in the US; we might be able to work out visits to other countries on request) for 1 week (5 business days) to consult on how best to integrate Kiko into your existing sites or services. Kiko has been mentioned on Slashdot, MIT Review, and many other tech sites as a premier Web 2.0 calendar. Here is a selection of press coverage:

Kiko traffic has been steady at around 40k visitors / month.

Thanks Dharmesh for the information.

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