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characteristics of our ideal customer

In B2B, any business should be about resolving pain(s) suffered by customers in your target market sector. So what are some of the characteristics of ebdex’s target market, in terms of larger customers?

  1. Profit margins are under threat due to globalisation and other socio-economical factors including threats from new market entrants.

  2. Cost conscious and profitability driven: Always looking for ways to reduce operating costs and outsource non-value adding processes and functions.

  3. Suffers from high transaction costs due to outdated labour intensive paper based processes with multiple organisational layers.

  4. High transaction volumes due to the sector they operate in and business model with large number of trading partners resulting in high transaction processing costs, delays and disputes.

  5. Having strengthened customer facing end, now looking to stream-line back office functions as part of performance improvement initiative.

  6. Businesses going through change due to M&A, new management, corporate turnaround, forthcoming trade sale and/or IPO looking for rapid technological solutions for cost reductions and process improvements.

  7. Imbalance of resource utilisation for dispute resolution vs. transaction processing triggering need for cost reduction.

  8. Infrastructure projects where companies join forces to deliver a common outcome. These projects require solutions that could be implemented rapidly without high capital expenditure and usable by all parties concerned without much cost or training.


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