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Blognation’s Company Index

A very tired Sam Sethi and I had couple of pints at his local last night and discussed the forthcoming release of blognation. I now have a much more appreciation for the revenue generation capability of blognation. Managing approximately 100 blogers or so will be no mean feat. A lot of well know bloggers across the world will be part of blognation. Wow! Cannot wait for the eventual launch!

In the meantime, have a look at the Company Index, which includes under "e", edocr, enterprise ventures (Ed French) and etribes (Simon Grice). Chris, apologies mate, there was only three slots to enter names. Other companies I know includes Twinfield (David Terrar), Yuuguu (Anish Kapoor and Philip Hemsted), Segala (Paul Walsh), and FreeAgent Central (Dennis Howlett). Rhys, you ought to consider adding Sanoodi.

Good luck Sam and look forward to the conversation on 14th June at NW StartUp 2.0 event in Manchester.

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