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European Purchase-to-Pay Summit 2007 – a week after ExPP Summit

September 18 – 19, 2007 ·  Crown Plaza, Brussels, Belgium

Why is that this event and ExPP Summit are held one week apart? Do the organisers not realise that they are splitting the audience in half? This always happens with mini events, but should not be the case for large European annual events. Or is this intentional? Competition is a good thing, but this, I am not so sure.

There is not much valuable information available on the site at present, except that this year’s event will feature over 30 leading P2P case studies including contributions from Hertz Group, Dixons, EDF Energy and Diageo. Contrast to this, ExPP Summit is well organised (ahead of time) with more than sufficient information to evaluate the benefit of attending.

The next Hub Alliance meeting is planned for 18th in Brussels. Perhaps, I might get a chance to attend this event.


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