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My Kick-Ass Ninja Team with Permission Kick My Arse

I like to think I am the king of crowdsourcing (if not the king, at least good at it). remained a going concern thanks to the help I received from many individuals from Andy Yelland to Alex Goldstone and Stuart Scott-Goldstone.

This time I want to take this to another level. I’ve appointed a kick-ass Ninja team with permission to kick my butt.

I could have called them advisors. In my book, advisors are those who are excellent at preaching (from their experience of course), but not always ready to fold their shirt sleeves and get into nitty gritty of work.

Whilst all my Ninjas are volunteers and not expecting anything in return, I’m committed to act on their advise and deliver, but most importantly, together.



Here are my first round of Ninjas:

  • David Bailey, ex tech CEO and now more of CFO type. He has come on board to get UnifiedVU and me, investor ready and help me secure pre-seed funding.
  • Clint Wilson, CEO of Cazoomi who has built a successful SaaS business, which these days pretty much prints money. If you want to see anyone living the dream, look no further than Clint.
  • Stewart Townsend, ex-Channel Director of Zendesk. Years of experience in building enterprise sales and channels.
  • Philip Valentino, websites and marketing. See how our website has improved over the last month or so thanks to Philip.
  • Mark Strefford, enterprise software experience to help me with selling to the enterprise.

All of these Ninjas have known me at least for 5 years. If you are a solo tech entrepreneur, why not consider a similar approach.

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