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My Social Media Strategy for 2018

A friend of mine just posted his social media strategy for 2018 on Facebook which triggered me to consider my own. Here goes:

  1. Facebook for me is both business and personal. It will remain a mixture of the two. I don’t see any difference in terms of my posting strategy for 2018 compared to previous years.
  2. Will aspire to adhere to the Linkedin mini strategy I put together last year.
  3. Twitter effort will focus more on #techdeals to support Techcelerate Ventures.
  4. Liking posts demonstrates support for the sharer, if the sharer takes time to engage with me. Again, I don’t see any change in strategy this year.
  5. Facebook Messenger and Linkedin Messaging are vital for business communications. They also help significantly in keeping the emails down. Whilst Linkedin API is closed, I will request the UnifiedVU team to consider building a Facebook Messenger App, which will form part of the Unified Communications offer.
  6. As Linkedin is refocusing on Groups in 2018, need to build a mini strategy for both Facebook and Linkedin Groups.
  7. I also need to restart newsletters which were abandoned in early 2017. Need a mini strategy on this.
  8. Continue with Live Streaming I started in Q4 2016, but need a channel strategy for this. At present, best engagement is through Facebook profile. But I prefer to have all streamed video content on Youtube. There does not seem to have an easy way to upload streamed content from Facebook to Youtube without first downloading, at which point, the quality of the video is further reduced. Need to experiment more with Periscope and other channels.

In general I use following social media channels:

  1. – sharing my own document content as well as content I find useful.
  2. – sharing interesting links, both privately and publicly.
  3. – video content and keen to build a library around tech startups.
  4. – broadcasting and sharing as engagement is low.
  5. Linkedin – Only work related content rather than social.
  6. Facebook – Work and personal content whilst developing tech ecosystems.
  7. Periscope – experimenting as a video streaming channel.
  8. Swarm – sharing of places I visit.
  9. WhatsApp – not a regular user.
  10. WeChat – need to build connectivity to China.
  11. Quora – need to be active again, both sharing and acquiring knowledge.
  12. Instagram – few pictures, but do not see its value.
  13. Flickr – all of my pictures.

What about you? Have you setup a social media strategy for 2018? How does it differ from mine?

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