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I’m no #Linkybrains – more like #Leakybrains

When I first came across #Linkybrains by Doug Scott, I wondered what Doug was up to now? Doug is known to be a loud-mouth straight-talking prolific angel investor and a successful entrepreneur who used to kill his boredom with a red bandana. Yes, it seems you could do a lot with a scarf, at least get bit closer to be like a pirate just for a second only to realise that you missed the eye patch and forgot to shout ahoy, my hearties.

When digging bit further, I also noticed that Chris Tottman of Notion Capital and Alex Dunsdon of Saatchinvest were also been tagged as #Linkybrains. And later I found out these three were the initiators of what now known as the #Linkybrains movement. At this point, I didn’t even know who Chris was but that was solved over Sunday and I met him first thing on Monday morning at Wilmslow Costa. And I hear you ask, where is the selfie to prove it? I’m yet to connect with Alex and at this point, he may not even know who the heck I am.

I saw a similar movement take shape in the first week of March 2007, initiated by Saul Kline of LocalGlobe now but then Index Ventures. It was called #OpenCoffee and the movement brought tech entrepreneur and investor community together, and quickly spread to 80+ cities globally. I responded to it by holding the first meet up on the 3rd Tuesday of March 2017 at which event, my second tech startup, edocr was conceived. I also co-ordinated with Sheffield, Liverpool and Leeds to hold similar on differing Tuesdays of the month.

I recognised the power of the #Linkybrains movement unfolding in front of my eyes, and was quick to get involve even though I have the opposite traits of a #Linkybrains. Secondly, who does not want to hang out with Doug, Chris and Alex, if the opportunity presents?

Who is a #Linkybrains?

Given that I am not one, perhaps it’s best to read how it’s defined by the founders of the movement.

According to Alex Dunsdon,

So, here’s a question…What would happen if Linkybrains understood their power?

Doug Scott did. He was a beach bum. He found others like him and grew to build many multimillion companies. Chris Tottman did. He had a lost decade but sold Message labs for £700m and runs a £500m fund.

They both started with a brain that made leaps and no one understood. They needed people to tell them, support them and build the structures around them.

Lets see what happens when the Linkybrains all meet….

According to Chris Tottman,

Alex had this notion that there are people out there who, like me and him, are able to make sense of completely random data points and situations and apply them to completely unrelated scenarios. They LEAP. I said “well for me that’s just being Strategic” and he said “no its not its LinkyBrain. You have a LinkyBrain”.

According to Doug Scott,

People who connect unrelated dots. they do not understand the world

And if you still do not get it, try this as a definition. If you are still struggling, try this as a last resort, by Aarish Shah. If you still do not get it, go do something else. This is not for you.

Am I a #Linkybrains?

I don’t think I am. Here’s why..

  • I like structure. I like process. I hate randomness. I like efficiency, even though I am inefficient.
  • I’m mediocre, lazy and spend too much time reading crap on Lewis Hamilton and trying to understand what Putin means to Russia and the need for world balance.
  • I don’t believe what politicians feed us, but do not have the balls to do something about it.
  • I believe in the power of the collectives and love building tech ecosystems.
  • I’m hungry and want to build a larger and meaningful business.
  • I believe its never too late to make a difference.
  • I’m constantly looking for an edge.
  • I love to be loved and see myself as an approachable person.
  • I’m a strong believer that I cannot help anyone, unless I helped myself first. Bit like the oxygen mask in flights.
  • I wish I could “stop fucking about and get on with it”.
  • I don’t get more than one idea at a time. Right now, I have no other ideas except the three I’m focusing on.
  • I’m obsessed of keeping my contacts clean and inboxes below 50, normally hovering around 5 to 10.
  • I’m not a high achiever by any means, but that has not dented my ambitions.
  • I believe I was born to be different, and I am sure you feel the same.
  • I’m trustworthy and hate to let down folks.

As you can see, I am just ordinary, and hate the fact that I’m ordinary. But I never give up. I’m no #Linkybrains but that wouldn’t stop me hanging out with them.

If you are in Manchester on 28th March, join us for a coffee (you pay!)

PS: I mentioned #Linkybrains to a Tech Entrepreneur friend and this was his reaction,

Holy shit, this is literally me. the more I read about LinkyBrains the more I realise it’s me. This is freaking me out

I rest my case..

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