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My Social Media Strategy for 2018

A friend of mine just posted his social media strategy for 2018 on Facebook which triggered me to consider my own. Here goes: Facebook for me is both business and personal. It will remain a mixture of the two. I don’t see any difference in terms of my posting strategy for 2018 compared to previous years. Will aspire to adhere to the Linkedin mini strategy I put together last year. Twitter effort will focus more on #techdeals to support Techcelerate Ventures. Liking posts demonstrates support for the sharer, if the sharer takes time to engage with me. Again, I don’t…

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Mini #SocMed Strategy for #Linkedin

Nothing scientific, just a collection of recent tweets by me on one page, and bit more added to turn the tweets into a mini strategy. Simply based on my own experiences, and not as a result of reading an award winning Social Media guru’s media. Linkedin Posts work far better than Linkedin Groups or Articles. Make sure you do not post until the last Post has gained at least 1000 Views. Do not post more than once a day. Give time for a Post to gather momentum. But rule (2) prevails. If a Post is not gaining at least 1000…

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My latest #GetMeOutOfHere strategy

This is how I feel… I was born to do more. Yet I don’t have all the right tools to achieve it. So I must persevere.  So how am I going to persevere? Life’s passion – building technology companies. Helping others – helping other tech entrepreneurs grow their tech businesses through strategy, partnerships, integrations and more (do read on). Get a job – permanent, contract or interim. I have accumulated 15,000 contacts since 2004 (the year I started my tech entrepreneur journey). 5,000 of those are on Linkedin. Business friends see my networking abilities as my greatest USP. “To say we go back long…

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Value addition to any website #Website+

Almost every company on the planet now has a website to promote their business, whether you a one man band or a multinational company. Once you have a basic website with pages and posts, the job does not simply stop there. You can make your website work really hard for your business. Here is a list of things you might consider: Basic Web Analytics – displays number of visitors, page views, most popular pages, growth of these over different time periods and whole host of parameters. SEO – keywords that allow people to find you. Advanced analytics – identify who the visitors…

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Why am I rebranding Northern StartUp 2.0?

Northern StartUp 2.0 has come a long way since our humble start in November 2006. Whilst I enjoy running it, it has strained my resources heavily. Unless something is done, it’s sustainability is questionable in the medium to long run. So here are my reasons for repositioning: 1. It must generate income to compensate effort. 2. Lacks the collaboration between new and established technology companies: – Customers of early technology products are technology companies – Opportunities in joint ventures – Opportunities in acquisitions 3. It does not provide a mechanism for southern and overseas tech companies to break into the…

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Rebranding – Budget vs no budget, freedom vs. constraints

It is no surprise to my regular readers that Northern StartUp 2.0 is currently going through a rebranding and repositioning exercise. Whilst there is a lot to talk about why this is taking place, I thought of highlighting few discussions I had on Twitter about rebranding and repositioning with an international software house which has also gone through a rebranding exercise recently. Here is my situation: no budget but total freedom. Here is the situation of the software house: large budget (assumption) but constraints due to history and stakeholders. With my total freedom, and given I am lazy (or clever,…

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Never ending wordpress theme changing

Since I restarted blogging few months back, I have been looking for the ultimate wordpress theme. I must have changed themes more than I have blogged during this short period. To my surprise, I came across a theme today titled “Smells like Facebook” by Ainun Nazieb. Strangely, I find it intriguing and satisfying. Perhaps its the familiarity. But it sure will confuse few people when they come across it for the first time! Let’s hope this theme will last longer than the last dozen or so I experimented with.

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The Wrong Pricing – Missed Opportunities

As continues to grow, it has become essential for us to adopt the right tools that will make our lives operationally little bit easier. Now is the time for us to leave spreadsheets and move on to products that will bring structure to a very chaotic environment. Two tools will be key to this strategy of operational simplification. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) We have adopted Contact Manager from, which is affordable and versatile enough for our needs. And we know that as grows, we have a path for increasing the CRM functionality to match with our future…

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