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Article 4: What business are we in? Document Exchange or EIPP

Very interesting question! The competitive landscape changes according to the response given.

What is the primary business of ebdex? We are in the business of allowing organisations to exchange structured documents with their trading partners (suppliers, customers, partners, resellers, etc) utilising investments already made in technology (no need for new hardware or software licenses). This is achieved by integrating with accounting/ERP/CRM/other systems at both ends of a transaction through ebdex Document Exchange. Another way to put this is: if system A has structured documents and these documents are required by System B, then ebdex is interested in reading from System A and writing in to System B.

For purchasing, the documents exchanged could be purchase orders, delivery notes, goods received notifications, etc. For accounts, this could be invoices, payment instructions and remittance notes. For medical industry, this could be clinical reports, surgery records, etc. The list goes on!

So why does our website go on and on about EIPP and e-invoicing? The financial documents associated with purchase-to-payment (P2P) and supply-to-cash (S2C) falls into Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) market. The second “P” stands for on line payment solutions. Presentment being presenting to recipient and on-line for access, storage and retrieval.

So, have we confused our audience with a mixed message? Let us know! Your feedback is important to us to get a clearer message out.

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