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Great debate about Supply Chain Management vs. Spend Mangement

There is a great debate taking place within number of prominent North American blogs about supply chain management vs. spend management. These being, Tim Minahan’s Supply Excellence, Jason Busch’s Spend Matters. Dave Stephens’ Procurement Central and Dave Bush’s eSourcing Forum. There may well be others..

In UK, procurement and supply chain management are the terms most commonly used. Spend Management is used by Ariba and Marrakech.

Obviously, if we consider US terminalogy, Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) forms part of the “spend management” solutions (as far as Ariba and perhaps others are concerned).

What about “financial supply chain management”? Could this be the next corporate paradigm after Spend Management, ERP, etc? SAP already has a module addressing this area. Debate ought to be extended to cover financial supply chain management. Currently Wikipedia does not seem to have a terminalogy for fiancial supply chain management.

Are there any other buzz words that address similar space? Please share your view points.

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