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Investing in People – The Access Accounting Way

Recently John Beech, Managing Director of Access Accounting wrote:

People are the lifeblood of any company. A cliché perhaps, but I can’t help being a great believer in the importance of investing in staff whether this is through training, self-development or enhancing their current role to make it more rewarding. Quite simply, we’ve found this approach to add great value to the company. This whole philosophy is part of our ‘always recruiting’ culture where we’re constantly on the lookout for talented individuals with spark, passion, creativity and vision – even if no role currently exists for them. There’s no denying that this approach does take time and effort. What’s more the whole process doesn’t stop there, as you’ve also got to constantly “sell” the idea of a career to all staff. The process is therefore ongoing, requiring commitment from us as directors to encourage people who want to develop their career – and inspire them with the possibilities that are open to them. However, we’ve found this to be time well spent, having a positive impact on staff retention – which can only be good for us as a company!

We are currently looking for exceptional people to join our team. This is the step change we require to grow the business. It is interesting to hear the strategy adapted by our partner, Access Accounting. What strategy do you adapt in hiring staff? Share your secret!


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