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Ariba 1 – Possibilities with ebdex

Ariba‘s home page display the following statistics:

  • No. of suppliers on Supplier Network: 120,000
  • Deployed on desktops:  Over 4m
  • Customers sourced over: $250bn
  • Spend categories covered: 450
  • Saved customers an estimated: $12bn

Ariba is perhaps the largest provider of spend management solutions. In Ariba’s view, spend management consists of:

  • Sourcing
  • Contract management
  • Procurement and expenses
  • Invoice and payment
  • Supplier management
  • Visibility

Ariba and ebdex – a possible future partnership (these are purely my views, and does not reflect view points of Ariba):

  1. Does ebdex compete with Ariba? Yes.
  2. Does ebdex provides spend management solutions? We are a niche player, bringing solutions to address key challenges (pains) in the areas of document exchange and payments.We address some areas within spend management, but ebdex is not a spend management solutions provider.
  3. Is Ariba important to ebdex? Yes, ebdex believes that eventually all major networks (such as Ariba’s supplier network) will be interconnected, almost like the telephone network, allowing a company to do business with most of their trading partners, including those who might be connected to other network providers.
  4. Is that the only interest? No. As the largest player, Ariba and other large players will start consolidating the market some point in the future. ebdex would like to be in a position where it can capitalise from such consolidation.

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