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How to retain your sanity with Vodafone Broadband

Before you start a chat with Vodafone staff to complain and hopefully rectify your poor broadband service, it’s best to prepare yourself.

Here’s what I wish I have done first:

  • Don’t start if your day is already turned out to be disappointing.
  • Make a large cup of tea, coffee or whatever you fancy these days. Alcohol is not recommended.
  • Download Vodafone broadband app to your mobile and activate mobile data.
  • Download few broadband speed analyser test apps. They never display the same speed, so prepare to pull whatever the hair left on your head or elsewhere.
  • Get a screw driver.
  • Find the micro filter came with your router. If you have thrown this out, tough luck buddy!
  • Make sure none of the household needs wifi.
  • Don’t loose the remaining hair when the support agent talk about Ethernet (I’m assuming your laptop does not have an Ethernet port just like mine).
  • Make sure you have at least 2 hours to waste.
  • Be brave and try to remain calm.
  • Remember the chat is intelligent and do not accept rude words.

Good luck and hope the God or whoever you believe in is on your side!

Oh, if they keep talking about Expert View of the router (on web browser) and you can’t see what they see, pack up and come back later.

I had to stop my session as I was not prepared. At present, my speed is slower than when I started. So be prepared to go back. They do say, it takes up to 24 hours to notice an improvement.

Update 1

Played with few channels they recommended and Channel 11 seems to work best. The speed test analysers are a nightmare, one shows less than 10 Mbps and the other shows nearly 40 Mbps. Unfortunately, Ofcom App does not display the speed, instead shows the performance by colour. My speed seems to have improved, but I have not tested with a micro filter etc.

Vodafone’s compliance with Ofcom seems to be delivery to router. Whilst they try, they cannot guarantee similar speeds via Wifi even if you sit next to the router. Who use Ethernet these days? Isn’t it time they and others make a commitment and start quoting Wifi speeds?


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