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I need to ask my wife

I need to ask my wife before I buy #StartupLife

[This is not about having a go at wives – opposite might equally be true, but I’ve only experienced this with men who wanted business advice from their wives].

During my tech startup carrier since 2004, I have come across above a number of times. Each time the deal fell through.

If I hear anyone mention that now that they need to consult their partner (in my case all being wives), I just walk away from that deal. It’s simply not worth the expectation – as it won’t happen.

Here are some of my experiences:

– Once I offered a friend who was helping my startup at the time equity. He said he wanted to speak to his female partner about it. Came back with an ask for far more than what I thought was acceptable. That put an end to that discussion. I know he would still help me if I ask for help. But we are highly unlikely to ever go into business together.

– I was selling subscriptions a few years ago to a potential customer who knew me, the product and acknowledged its value proposition. He also wanted to talk to his wife. The deal never happened.

– I just heard another person who wanted to speak to his wife about subscribing to a product of mine. I know it won’t happen. So I walked away.

What other peculiar experiences do you have when building tech startups?