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Author: Manoj Ranaweera

Who else blogs on EIPP or e-invoicing

I have tried to find other bloggers blogging on my favourite subject, i.e. EIPP and e-invoicing. If you do come across any, please let me know. I found this article from Rich Miller’s blog dated 02 July 2003 why old tech is beating new in B2B bill payment. Surely, there must be others out there in the wilderness telling stories about EIPP! Update 1: 30 April 06: I came across an article on ebdex on Blog. Key theme “The move to a near paperless office and more importantly the avoidance of data entry of information that is held elsewhere…

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Version One & Routes to Market

I recently had the pleasure to visit Version One, which provides document management, imaging, electronic fax, email and forms software. I have been meaning to visit them for over a year, as they are located in Poynton, few miles from where I live. What is noticeable is that Version One has been recognised as one of the fastest growing companies in the EMEA by Deloitte. In fact they have won many awards than one can remember. Interesting point to note is that Version One has achieved significant success rate with its reseller network. What is the optimum route to market…

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Impact of key person falling ill

Since setting up of ebdex on 25 Nov 04, I fell ill (flu bug – not a common cold) seriously resulting in out of action for whole of last week. I have been trying to assess the impact this had on ebdex, as I am that individual who keeps the ship sailing in the right direction. We are at a critical juncture where Mark and I are steering the company to eventual product launch in Q2 06. Loosing couple of days can be devastating to a company in our predicament, i.e. product testing.

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Article 3 – EIPP Market – Segmentation

EIPP market can be split into four segments, these being: supplier-centric (sending invoices electronically from A/R systems), buyer-centric (receiving invoices electronically into A/P systems), enterprise-centric(sending and receiving invoices electronically from/into A/R and A/P systems – a customised solution usually based on ERP solution) and exchanges. The first three types generally cater for one party, usually the dominant player to the cost of its trading partners. They also provide partial solutions, which limits benefits that could be gained by parties involved in a transaction. The enterprise (and DIY) solutions are costly due to underlying ERP solutions and high consultancy fees usually…

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Article 2 – Problem with e-invoicing

Do you use an e-invoicing solution? Is your solution simply based on sending an invoice via e-mail? Have you thought of what happens when this e-mail or e-mail attachment is received by the recipient? Unless the same system format is used by both the sending party and the receiving party, the invoice information cannot be easily interpreted by the receiving party’s accounting/ERP system. This results in recieving party having to re-key invoice data manually into the A/P system, duplication of effort leads to potential re-keying errors and delays. This method whilst may include buzz words like “e-invoicing” has no clear…

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Article 1 – What is e-invoicing or EIPP?

It is worth understanding what EIPP (or e-invoicing) means if you are thinking of stream-lining your Accounts Payable (A/P) and/or Accounts Receivable (A/R)function(s). Unfortunately, Wikipedia does not have a definition or information on EIPP or e-invoicing yet. Google search defines EIPP as follows: Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP). EIPP refers to the invoicing and payment process between businesses, or B2B applications, over the Internet and typically via a third-party EIPP vendor. See EIPP under Technology in the Main Topics section. EIPPis an American term now used in UK and stands for Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment. Its definition includes…

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Do you need to be inspired to start blogging?

Recently (actually 22/03/06) I attended BASDA CEO/AGM event, where number of speakers presented their blogging experiences. Having read, Dennis Keeling‘s blog prior to this event, it was fascinating to learn the key reason why Dennis started his blog (simply to get a clearer informal message to his audience – BASDA members, press, etc). From Dennis Keeling’s blog, I came across professional blogger, Dennis Howlett. Dennis has immense knowledge of the software industry, especially of the accounts and ERP sector. After a lengthy discussion, it became clearer to me that if used wisely blogging may in-fact help ebdex Document Exchange establish its…

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Start of this blog

I started this blog to share my thoughts and views on Electronic Invoicing Presentment and Payment (EIPP) industry in general and the development of ebdex Document Exchange which addresses a number of corporate pains felt by both SMEs as well as multi-nationals. ebdex’s overall goal is to understand the market, as it changes and respond proactively at a faster pace than anyone else whilst delivering a superior service second to none to all our clients irrespective of their size or geography. I appreciate you joining me in my journey… Manoj  Tags: ebdex, EIPP, ebdex Document Exchange 

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