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I’m 52

This is the extended version of my post on Linkedin today.

I’m 52 today!

So much to achieve over the next 48 years or until there is no more Manoj. Since the Covid 19 started, the lockdown continues to help me reach clarity and purpose.

As I mentioned before, I will be working on reducing wastage in building tech companies. All the pieces are there except one and I know it will come.

The core to all this is the trusted network and friendships I’ve built since 2004. There are a lot of special people in my closed network from Andrew Threlfall, Stewart Townsend, David Bailey, Stuart Scott-Goldstone to Phil Brown.

My network continues to grow and think it’s over 20,000 but thanks to GDPR, there’s is no easy way to reach out.

I’m excited about the pivotal role the successor to  ( would play in the coming years. It will allow me to reach out to most of my network and find ways to meaningfully engage with them.

I’m always looking for the secret sauce. I believe gives me access to tech leaders. SkilledUp Life will give the medium to engage with everyone.

Then the hard work will continue at Techcelerate. The key challenge is for me to not become the constraint. I’m learning.

Thanks for all the well wishes!

Thanks, Kirsty Nelson and Steve Hancox for the birthday card. Just reminiscing Gosforth in 1992/4.


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